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National Pizza Day!! Be selfish today.

The third Friday of May is always National Pizza Day! Obviously, you could let the kids claim this holiday, and spend your afternoon at Chuck E. Cheese (read as: HELL!)... OR YOU could own this holiday for adults and order the MOST-DELICOUS PIZZA ON EARTH: Giordano's deep-dish is ready to be shipped straight from Chicago! You're gonna either want pepperoni or spinach (yep!) or BOTH - which means two pizzas! ...& if you're gonna do that, maybe you should consider the fact that you get a better price per pizza if you ship 3, so..

Note: this isn't an ad; I'm not getting free pizza for this.. it just happens to bring me great joy - and fewer lactose-intolerance based repercussions - when I share my favorite pizza with the world! WARNING: Some overly-tired Dad might tell you that Gino's East is the best pizza in Chicago...or a "Can't-Take-A-Cheat-Day" Dad in the Chi might try to talk you into thin-crust from Lou Malnati's...but don't blow it! Giordano's - pepperoni or spinach (or both - that means TWO different pizzas) You're an adult. You're a Dad. You deserve this. Send ME MY PIZZA!!!

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