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RAD & DAD DAY: VOTING ..and explaining to Radley what that means

Last night, as I was tucking a Paw Patrol advocate into bed, I realized that today would be the perfect chance to be a responsible dad and lead by example! It is Primary Voting Day in California, and I invited Radley along to the polling booths - easy sell, cuz it was at the Fire Station! After I finally convinced him that we weren't there to take photos with fire trucks, he watched adamantly as I poked holes into the little booklet (beside the names of each candidate I'd decided to vote for), and then slid the voting sheet into a collecting machine. On the way home, Rad was curious about how we earned our "I Voted" stickers. I attempted to explain the concepts of voting and democracy to a 2-year-old. As you may have guessed, Paw Patrol makes a return visit in this story...

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