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The Perfect FATHER'S DAY GIFT for any budget!
(from Radley to Oprah)

June 19th is approaching quickly:  a day that immediately overtook Valentine's Day as my 4th favorite holiday of the year!
NOTE:  Maybe we keep that holiday-preference amendment between us, and my wife doesn't have to know..

I know a guy who recently made Father's Day synonymous with duct-tape for me (click here for the Ohio-related explanation) and that's not far from the vibe I'm hoping to instill on Father's Day at my house.  

I want Rad to buy me tools - I don't need them, it just seems like the right essence for this holiday. articulating drill this year, digital multi-meter next year.  Eventually, we can work grills into the equation and by the time he's 10, he'll know to just give things that will make me look manly on my Instagram.  

BTW:  I don't care if I need the gift - my dad didn't need "Ace Ventura: Pet Detective" in 1995, but that doesn't mean I should have given him a new toothbrush or a replacement for his waistband-less underwear.  That's not fun.  That's not braggable.  Buy ME something that can be opened with the theme to "Home Improvement" playing in the background.

In an effort to keep everyone on track for Dads this year, I created a list FULL of gift ideas!
Knowing there is a different budget for each of us - probably not directly-proportionate to how much people actually love you - I've got ideas that run the price-tag gamut:  $5-$50,000.

I broke things down into three levels:
1) Kids - the smaller gifts for dad that you can afford on a lawn-mowing budget

2) Spouse - the kickass gifts that some dads get, if their significant other plans ahead
3) Oprah - the kind of gift that only Oprah would comfortably consider buying

SCROLL DOWN TO SEE THE Ideas for your kids, spouse, or Oprah!!!

Although I have an affiliate account through Amazon, I ONLY put items that I truly recommend - whether its sold though Amazon or not.  That means that there are a few links that had to go to other sites (my OCD is in panic-mode).  I trust Amazon (& love Prime free shipping), so I linked to them anytime I could.  
         Affiliate links do send a commission my way, but don't cost you a cent more than you'd have spent without my involvement.  Hopefully, this page is actually as valuable to you on Father's Day as I intended it to be!

Happy Father's Day a little early!

here's your gift opening soundtrack:


The PERFECT GIFTS FOR DAD (on any budget)

I broke this into the highlighted options, or scroll through the whole page!

Column 1:

Column 2:

Column 3:


This bar is my one MUST HAVE piece of exercise equipment!

I use it for abs and shoulders every day - there are tons of other uses if you check the manual!

I love it so much I bought one to keep at my parents' house & another for my father-in-law's home!

As a runner, I have had a LOT of trouble finding the perfect headphones.

Some fell off my ears, or were too tight or too hard to hear..

The Backbeat Fit are AMAZING!  Comfortable, sound great (still allowing in traffic noise or warning sounds) & water-resistant! Sweat & rain: no prob!

As parents, one area that a lot of us sacrifice for more important priorities (like our kids or work or Pathfinder) is GYM TIME!

Sure, if you're going "Oprah," you could hire a personal trainer, but then what if they're mean?

The TRX is a BADASS system that allows a BADASS workout on your schedule!



We did it - we found a $5 gift that still makes dads feel like a million bucks (or at least a hundred bucks).

I was super excited when I got my first-ever personalized business card case - and I don't even have a business card yet!  This makes dads feel very mature!

I love memories, and I never knew how to randomly peruse my saved photos... until I started putting my favorites on my digital photo frame!

I have an older one (I like that it has a remote to turn on/off)...but this is newer and gets amazing reviews!
*it has auto-on/off motion sensors

*also a calendar and clock!

I have ALWAYS wanted one of these!

Simultaneously, I have never allowed myself to splurge on this.  I don't need it, I can't justify buying it for myself...but if I got this as a gift, I can't even tell you how incrdibly stoked I would be!

The Great Escape - RELAXATION

There's a reason that Netflix is now synonomous with "chill"

I LOVE hitting the couch during Radley's naps to binge "Fuller House" episodes or relive "Jurassic Park"

"Arrested Development" "OITNB" "MacGYVER!!"

*"Minions," if I need a brocolli bargaining tool

My mom bought me one of these a few years ago, and it has saved me from some serious muscle tension issues!

You can set it to relaxing, or go intense and loosen up a problem area.  Although its not a massage chair, it is exponentially more bang-for-your-buck!

This is that OPRAH level stuff! With this Virtual Reality gaming system, Dad can slip into Stedman's world anytime he wants (that will be never, but I wanted to really commit to the Oprah reference & show how much potential this system has!)

In (virtual) reality, this is just INCREDIBLE!  I don't have it, but my buddy Jamie does and I'm very very very jealous.

Do Things With Dad - DAD + KIDS

I still remember the first time I got one of these gliders (Easter, I was 6).  I couldn't wait for Radley to be old enough to appreciate one - that happened last year on Mother's Day!

Rad chased this plane around the park for 2 hours, and I loved every minute of it, as Dad!
*ours is still in 1 piece!

There are SO many great activities to do together with Dad (DiscoveryCube is around LA, the Atlanta Aquarium, Museum of Natural History in NYC), but this one is guaranteed to wear EVERYONE out!

Every-age kid and adult loves bouncing around a trampoline warehouse. This link will help find the SkyZone closest to you!

Dad's love to escape to a live event.  For Corri's sake, I set this link to my personal fave...but type any search you want into the SeatGeek site once you are there!

Sports events, music events, conventions, and more!

This could be Oprah-tastic (try pricing an owner's box) or very reasonable!

BB8 Appreciates - ELECTRONICS

In the age of the cloud, we still put files on a jump-drive now and then!  

My radio producer, Vanessa, gave me this kickass Batman USB drive, and I still use it constantly, and I'm think "this thing is so fun!" every time!

I was an early adopter of Apple TV (1st, 2nd and 3rd generation in our house) and a little slow to come around on the more-expensive latest upgrade.

Luckily, Corri knew my inner tech-nerd was crying out for the Siri-enabled Apple TV (4th generation) and I love it!

*easy to use, games, sleek

Another very Oprah-esque pricetag...but maybe you've been saving up for this exact occasion?

I've wanted a 4K (& Smart) tv for months, but we are in a furnished sublet & technically in-between jobs.  This hasn't made sense for our budget, but maybe the Dad in your house is about to get SO lucky!  This is one of the top- rated 4K options out there!

Your gonna wear THAT? - CLOTHES

I hate to give up the exact style of one of my favorite suits, but this thing fits like a dream and Corri seems to think I'm somewhat presentable when I wear it beside her!

This is a big Dad's Day gift, & its kinda win-win when Dad wants to hit more classy events and restaurants (now that he has the perfect outfit)..or go to BOSS's SITE

Do order a Birchbox 
subscription for Dad!  You can customize for his interests and he'll get a box full of surprises every month for as long as you choose!

My mom got this for me at Christmas, and every box was a new suprise. Its a blast! My fave was the tie in this picture, but you never know what to expect!

Corri pointed these socks out to me at TJ Maxx, but that doesn't mean they're at YOUR TJ Maxx - right?, Doesn't that store just have random inventory?

Point being - I immediately wanted the socks (still do), but was polite enough to reserve my least, until after Father's Day.

Chad on Bachelorette, Bieber, etc - TOOLS

Column 1:

Column 2:

Column 3:

CJ (Corri Jo - not her actual middle name) bought this for me last year, and we've given a Mr. 7 Hands to 4 people since then, cuz it rules.

This is the ultimate handy screwdriver.  Multiple sizes of straight and Philips-head, plus a couple extras and a flashlight!

Just cuz it is stored in the kitchen doesn't mean it isn't a tool!  So many dads are culinary geniuses these days, but even the Batali's amongst us want a Darth Vader toaster!

This screams "I love you" and makes it clear Dad has the best spouse ever!

*Especially if you leave it out when company comes over!

I started drooling when I saw this..its the ultimate power drill kit!  I can't tell you how much I wish I had a shed to put stuff like this into.

Just so you know, I'm jealous of hypothetical people right now (like the unidentified Dad that will end up getting this on Father's Day) a drill/driver! Impact driver!! Heavy-duty flashlight! and more!!  *i just passed out

Dad's Still Cool - IMMATURE & AWESOME

Immature means spending significant money on things that are this is a costly category.

Cheapest: we start with the FRESH kicks that Dad wants on his feet as much as the Kids want them on theirs!

New in 2016!  Air Jordan "Dunk from Above"

I got mine so that I could learn to play like a rock GOD via "Rocksmith" (on my Xbox 360)...

I'm not quite there yet, but I am SO thrilled everytime I pick up my Fender Strat electric guitar and...well, probably just tune it or take a photo for Instagram.

Still - every dad wants this!

This is the one thing on my list that is literally unthinkable for Father's Day (and if it's not, I want a picture of what you're getting him for his birthday), but it is the honest #1 item on my dream wishlist!

Tesla's P90D is an electric sports anamoly!  0-60mph in 2.8 seconds!  I trest drove it.  It really does that.  I got constipated just reliving it in memory.  Buy this for Dad!

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