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May 8: Mother's Day

Mother's Day has passed...but you can still spoil! I hear it over, and many moms tell me that what they really want is a few hours to be themselves, without obligations to daddies, duties, or doodies (see what I did there #classy) If you're making up for a Mother's Day miss, or just want to do something for the Mom in your life...don't let these ideas go to waste!

Give her a few hours to step away from being "Mom" and spoil herself. Click here to save Some $$$ with this flower-delivery Groupon I found OR Click here to buy her a Spa Finder gift card - print, or email it! *Corri told me about the site. They work with 27,000 spas nationwide, so you'll find one near you!

For even more and specific AMAZING ideas: Check out THESE suggestions from!

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