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The BEST Father's Day 2016 Gifts for Every Budget! (Kids, Spouse or Oprah)

June 19th is approaching swiftly: a day that quickly overtook Valentine's Day as my 4th favorite holiday of the year! NOTE: Maybe we keep that holiday-preference amendment between us, and my wife doesn't have to know.. I know a guy who recently made that day synonymous with duct-tape for me (click here for the Ohio-related explanation) and that's not far from the vibe I'm hoping to instill on Father's Day at my house. I want Rad to buy me tools - I don't need them, it just seems like the right essence for this holiday. An articulating drill this year, digital multi-meter next year. Eventually, we can work grills into the equation and by the time he's 10, he'll know to just give me things that will make me look manly on my Instagram. BTW: I don't care if I need the gift - my dad didn't need "Ace Ventura: Pet Detective" in 1995, but that doesn't mean I should have given him a new toothbrush or a replacement for his waistband-less underwear. That's not fun. That's not braggable. Buy ME something that can be opened with the theme to "Home Improvement" playing in the background. In an effort to keep everyone on track for Dads this year, I created a list FULL of gift ideas! Knowing there is a different budget for each of us - probably not directly-proportionate to how much people actually love you - I've got ideas that run the price-tag gamut: $5-$50,000. I broke things down into three levels: 1) Kids - the smaller gifts for dad that you can afford on a lawn-mowing budget

2) Spouse - the kickass gifts that some dads get, if their significant other plans ahead

3) Oprah - the kind of gift that only Oprah would comfortably consider buying HIT THIS LINK ALL THE Ideas for your kids, spouse, or Oprah!!! to see the FULL LIST on!

Happy Father's Day a little early! here's your gift opening soundtrack:

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