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Before Radley was born, this is the type of bio stuff you'd read about me online:

Ty Bentli’s years of on-camera and radio hosting include national television shows on MTVVH1 and the syndicated Dish Nation. His love for the MDA led to serving as presenter and host for the annual MDA (Jerry Lewis) Telethon – and his drive-time radio shows have been rated #1 in the largest media markets in the US.


Currently, Ty – along with his partner, Kerri Kasem – acts as Red Carpet & Event host for Westwood One Backstage and NASH-TV.  Encompassing major entertainment lifestyle events, Ty’s assignments include The American Music Awards, Billboard Awards,Grammy’s, Hollywood Film Awards, People Magazine Awards and more – where Ty is often granted exclusive interviews with the biggest names in entertainment: recents include One DirectionTori Kelly and Luke Bryan.  His friendship and rapport with celebrities and industry professionals has created instances of hilarity, unexpected insights and meaningful moments on-air, on the Red Carpet and backstage!

Ty’s day-job, creating radio in the country’s biggest markets, brings those red carpet guests into his world…Katy Perry stopping by to learn from Ty that her latest single was officially topping the charts in 20 countries, Demi Lovato fessing up about her crush on the guy inside the Barney suit; all the way back to a 15-year-old Justin Bieber telling Ty that his dream co-star for a music video would be…Selena Gomez!

Ty’s presence is relatable, and tangible for the audience, as well.  He cares about his viewers and listeners as much as he cares about his guests…Ty's quick-wit and relaxed nature continue to make him a favorite of even the busiest stars!


NOW - I'm also "Dad"..and that is the coolest title I've ever put on a business card (jk - no cards, but the first part is true)!


How I met Corri and all the cliche's that go with realizing you're a commitmentphobe who just found "the one:"

Read "The Corri Story" by clicking here


The best surprise in my life is now named Radley:

Read "Your Timing Couldn't Be More Rad" 



Aside from those HUGELY special stories, I also just finished my favorite month as a we moved from the East Coast to the West, Rad and I spent a month together on a roadtrip across the country!
     Corri was back and forth between LA and New York while Radley and I used to find our beds, and bladders & billboards as inspiration for random stops along the way.  I chronicled the entire journey in video form on the "VIDEOS" page...originally these were meant to be personal home videos, but I was soon sharing them with so many friends and family that I decided to make them public and am now hoping that my social security card or W-2s aren't accidentally in some shots in the movie.  Can't be worse than when my iPhone randomly played Backstreet Boys, just as I was opening the car door to check the mileage for the mechanic AAA sent to bring me gas (when I ran out on the side of the interstate)...


Radley is currently 2, and we are in the midst of potty training in our home...I'm sure that will come into play in a blog or video very soon.  He's getting better, but the road to that has also included me mopping the entire main level today, and ensuring that our washing machine is always ready to accept soggy outfits.

I think that brings you up to speed.  We have an incredibly fun life, and I love the kid you see in the pictures on the background of this website.  I'm positive that people will always note that Radley is "the apple of his dad's eye" - and that little rascal is lucky to also be the absolute center of his mom's universe, too.  He is fun, challenging, and has changed my entire perspective on life.  I don't know how to nail down the exact way that he's changed everything...but if you're a dad (or just a parent), you know what I mean!

For years, my identity as I know it has easily been built around my insatiable thirst for knowledge, experiences and adrenaline!
   I pushed my limits in an effort to expand my knowledge and understand things that many people don't take the chance to discover.  I've had pilot training, am SCUBA certified, constantly climb things or jump off of them (or both).  I love snowboarding!

    I have gone skydiving multiple times, including a solo jump, just because I want to know how to do that on my own (and know whethor or not I could)... VIDEO HERE

   I was always game to try something outside my experince level (although I always educated myself as much as possible first).  My 3 top fears include sharks and snakes, but I've SCUBA dived in a shark aquarium and let a boa constrictor drape itself around my neck on my radio show...

But it has honestly been a huge surprise to me that being a dad is equally challenging and more substantially fulfilling than any of those things I have loved and will cherish about my experiences outside of fatherhood!  When work drove me crazy, I would just focus on seeing my son when I got home.  Then, I'd see him and let the rest of the world fade away!  He just makes me super happy.  He made me understand what my mom meant when she said, "You'll never know how much I love you" or when I'd say "I love you more" and she'd say "nope.  You don't even know."  She wasn't just "saying" something...she was explaining something.

I couldn't ask for a cooler or more supportive partner than Corri.  She is the top-level of moms.  She loves our kid, she loves me, and she teaches both of us lessons constantly! ..although I'm hoping she hasn't picked up on how little I apparently know about anything (I try to casually learn these lessons without her realizing how much wiser and smarter she is).  There's no doubt she's the better looking one in the relationship and luckily Rad takes after his mom!

My point, regarding Corri, is that I am certainly not doing this on my own.  All of the videos and posts that end up on this site are coming from my experience as "Dad" - just a normal Dad.  I'm not an expert - I've never done this before, and Corni & I are only just having possibly-legitimate discussions about considering doing this again.  My mom always taught me that communication is key, and my career has only reenforced my compulsion to share experiences, thoughts, and reactions.  I'm hoping this will be fun, and I'm secretly hoping that it will also, somehow, get me free Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles toys (even if that's just cuz Corri reads this and buys them for me).  

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