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My kid's birthday!  I bet your kid has one this year, too..  You should look it up, I had to reschedule a dentist appointment.



Its Primary Election Day in CA - We get to vote at the Fire Station! Here's where you go:



Video Games Day isn't an irresponsible holiday, its a GREAT reason to bond with your kid (and stay current)!

COMING SOON: Bedtime Stories

LIVE ACTION:  Rad videos from Dad

Voting with my 2-year-old
Thinking this might be a time to act like a dad and lead by example, I took Radley along to the polling station - easy sell, cuz it was at the Fire Station!

On the way home, I he was curious about how we earned our "I Voted" stickers.  I attempted to explain the concepts of voting and democracy to a 2-year-old

Where in the World is Ty Bentli??
A month-long, crosscountry roadtrip with a toddler starts here...the full saga is posted.
 Click here for RAD VIDEOS" 
**I documented the whole thing on my iPhone, editing in the hotel rooms at night, along the way!

© Ty Bentli, 

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